Time to vote for the Canadian Indie Country Countdown! I’m honored that my song, “I Remember,” is a part of this chart.
Here is another story about my dad. 


“So the story goes like this, we had just lost a lot of money as a family to a business situation and we were not doing well financially. We had a Sunday tradition of eating out after church at Peters Pizza, but we couldn’t do that because we lost so much money on this business deal so we are eating out of the garden. But my dad went to the tire shop and overheard that our youth pastor couldn’t afford to put good winter tires on so I watched my dad write a check and covered the full cost of his tires.

The lesson I learned from that was to give your way out of hardship not to get cheap in tight and small-minded
That lesson stuck with me my whole life. It has been a big foundation to my financial health is a structured giving and tithing.
Quite often the thing that’s in the way… is the way.” 
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