It’s Friday time to dress crazy and have some fun!

At Home With Paul
Another rooftop concert featuring special gifts like Kate Austin, James, Bambi, and Rambo!

In Case You Missed My “Call To Action” before the concert…



Well, guess what tonight at six o’clock Pacific, I’m going to be over on the YouTube. I might simultaneously do a little bit here on the, on the ‘Gram. I haven’t decided yet, but let me know some requests and I’ll do my best. And even if you need to get something off your chest, this would be a place where you can come and joke and jest.

And I will sit there with a lot of the rest–with all the rest–and I’ll do my very best to make sure that when you go to sleep tonight, you will have your very best rest. So just come on over and, uh, we’ll see you there.

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