You have arrived right on time.

Get ready to unlock a world of freedom and possibility in your life.

Here’s your invitation to join

Paul Greene, Kate Austin and a

thriving community

of freedom seekers in the


completely transform your body,


and mind.


Heal your body & 10x your vitality

  • Workouts
  • Weight Loss
  • Strategies to Heal, Energize & Vitalize Your Body


Retrain & Create Your Best Life

  • Life Hacks
  • Guided Meditation
  • Breathwork for an Even Better YOU


Bring Infinite Love Into Your Life

Connection Practices to Learn How to 

  • Love
  • Listen 
  • Communicate

Who will benefit from Freedom Portal?

We are glad you asked! We have done our best to make this accessible to everyone, as we all have to start somewhere!! However, there are some prerequisites – This course will work best for…

Those who are stuck

and fed up. They know they want more out of life.

Those who are ready to be honest

with exactly where you are now so that we can adjust the compass to the exact direction you want to go.

Those ready to discover

new tools and put them into practice and look for breakthroughs to get through every trial.

Those wanting a healthy lifestyle

but in the past have lacked motivation, accountability, or didn’t know where to start.

Those willing to do the work

and follow the program to reap the maximum rewards.

About Paul & Kate

We are your captains on the journey of self-discovery, raising your level of vitality, authenticity, and connection to not only yourself but loved ones and all of humanity!!

Paul Greene is your Health & Vitality Coach – covering health and body hacks,” how-to” videos, and sharing his vast knowledge (and sharing his favorite knowledge sources) so you can benefit from that 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Kate Austin is your curatorial strategic intervention coach – out to disrupt the limiting belief systems that have you stopped or disempowered. She will share techniques on shifting your mindset and adopting new concepts and new ways of being to supercharge your life and commence that journey at full stride towards the direction of your dreams.

Together Kate and Paul will share connection, techniques, and new ways of relating to yourself and others to create love and affinity in ANY relationship.


“I never thought that there could be anything that is inspiring, full of information and so much fun.”

Anne M. Ciavola

“Life-changing….physically & mentally! Such a fun & caring group that love & support each other unconditionally!”

Diane Ballenger

“This course has truly helped me open up my mind and motivated me to truly start living a peaceful and happy fulfilling life.”.

Tammy Holzbach

What do I enjoy about being a part of Freedom Portal? Why do I look forward each morning to see what is happening in the lives of my tribe? Because I have created friendships – deep profound and amazing friendships as together we are learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable –  no longer afraid to dream, take risks, and create the life we want to have!”
Neva Mayer

“Freedom Portal is an energetic, fun-loving course.  Full of fun ideas to watch your dreams come true. A journey of love and fun and miracles. Travel on a wild journey and watch your life transform.”

Lisa Taylor

Now is the perfect time to begin creating the life you love!

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