Oh, Hey, it’s Paul. I got a story for you.

So I was in the desert, uh, at a retreat Joshua Tree a couple years back. And this bodyworker was there doing something on my chest. It was like, “Rah.” And he looked at me and he goes, “This unforgiveness will go after your very soul. Let it go.” And he said, “Freedom for your soul. Let it go.”

And this guy didn’t know me, but I knew what he was talking about. Something that’s been following me around for a couple of decades that I thought I had forgiven and let it go. But I still had some work to do.

That became the name of my last album, Freedom For Your Soul. And a song on there is”Let It Go.” 

So giving up your right to be right and finding a way to let go and forgive and set yourself free.

It was a big turning point.

And, uh, so just a little story about the desert and some freedom.

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