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Hey everybody, Paul Greene here, I have an exciting giveaway contest to announce. So, as you heard, I’m coming to Nashville, a part of this incredible convention that RomaDrama is putting on. Make sure you follow them and like this post. And also, in Nashville, I’m playing a concert on the 31st of July at the Jamison Theater, which is right next to where the convention is.

So I’m excited to play music for you. Many of you I’ve met virtually. I want to do a CD giveaway. So I’m sending signed CDs to you. To qualify,  just tag somebody around there in Nashville that you think might enjoy coming to the convention and my concert. And then just name one of my songs that you love, like a song request for the concert, or just a song of mine that you enjoy.

And then we’ll be choosing three winners to send a signed CD for my “Freedom For Your Soul” album. So I can’t wait to meet you in Nashville, Tennessee, and lots of love. I’ll see you there. Bye.


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