Is gluten harmful?

Strictly speaking, gluten is not a “toxin”. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the ability to cause damage. And while it may seem strange that gluten sensitivity has been suddenly on the rise for the last few decades, there is actually a lot of science behind one of modern man’s latest dietary dilemmas.

Recently,  the folks at ION* sat down with Dr. John Gildea, Chief Science Advisor for ION* Intelligence of Nature, and got answers to some of the most pressing questions on gluten sensitivity, the food industry as a whole, and how to combat the sometimes deleterious effects of both.

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ION* combats the effects of gluten.

When it comes to gluten sensitivity, it’s all about fostering a healthy gut environment: a diverse microbiome, a strong gut lining, and a healthy mucosal layer to name a few.

ION* Gut Support helps upregulate an enzyme responsible for degrading gluten and maintaining a strong gut lining. A stronger gut lining = less inflammation, a supportive microbial habitat, and better digestion.

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