This week, let’s look closely at

the way you’re eating,

when you’re eating

and what you’re eating.

  • The Way You’re Eating

  1. Use a food diary to track what you’re eating.
  2. Eat 2-3 meals per day with 1-2 snacks maximum.
  3. Stay away from white sugar, simple starches, large amounts of alcohol, and recreational drugs.
  4. Include quality fermented foods without added sugar.

  • When You’re Eating

  1. Implement intermittent fasting. Stop eating and sunset, and fast for 12 hours (at least).
  2. Drink water with a pinch of Himalayan salt if you get hungry.
  3. Use an app such as Fastic to track your fasting.

  • What You’re Eating

Watch the following videos about soil health and chemical farming.

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