We have been looking at the pillars of longevity, and so far, we have discussed Community, Sleep, and Nutrition. Today, we look at the fourth pillar…


Most of us know the importance of exercise, but just now many do it regularly?

It is estimated that:

  1.  Only 1 in 4 adults get the recommended amount of physical activity every day.
  2. About 31 million adults aged 50 or older get no physical activity except for daily living.
  3. Not being physically active can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases. (More information here.)

This doesn’t sound like a recipe for longevity. But the good news is that according to recent studies, “all activity counts in terms of reducing our risk of dying early” (Reynolds, 2019). No matter what you choose to do, by just moving every day, you can increase the duration and quality of your life. 

One of the simplest ways to implement this into your daily life is to start with a walk every morning. In fact, I’d like to share with you 7 benefits of an early morning walk. (Check out the full article here.)

  1. Walking gives you energy for the rest of the day.
  2. Walking in the morning removes the “I’ll do it later” excuse.
  3. Walking in the morning creates a positive mindset for your other important activities.
  4. Walking in the morning promotes weight loss.
  5. Early morning exercise is good for your heart.
  6. Walking in the morning has social benefits.
  7. Morning walking gives you time to plan out the day.

I would love to hear what your favorite exercises are. Do you walk in the morning? What is your favorite benefit of walking in the morning? And what are you going to do this next week to incorporate movement into your daily routine? Let me know in the comments or send me a message. 

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