Are you ready to get the best sleep of your life?

Get curious about this as we spend one-third of our lives on our backs. 


Here are my Top 10 Sleep Hacks:

  1. Wake Up Early.

  2. Get Outside & Get Some Sun.

  3. Stop Eating a Couple of Hours Before Bed.

  4. Take Some Magnesium. (Code PGTIP for 10% off)

  5. Have an Epsom Salt Bath.

  6. Turn Off Your Phone At Least A Couple of Hours Before Bed.

  7. Dim the Lights In Your House.

  8. Journal.

  9. Stop Drinking Caffeine At Least a Few Hours Before Bed.

  10. Go To Bed At the Same Time Every Night.

Which one of these will you take on to improve your sleep? What tip did I miss?

Please share in the comments.


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