Welcome to Friday!! 

“Always remember:

You are braver than you believe,

Stronger than you seem,

Smarter than you think,

And twice as beautiful as you’ve ever imagined.”

–Dr. Seuss

Yes, I am livestreaming a concert tonight on YouTube at 6 PM Pacific, so I hope all of you head over there tonight.

Friday NIght Live Concert With Paul 6 PM PT

For FRIDAY FITSPIRATION today, I would like to talk to you about the kitchen detox. You may know about the benefits of detoxifying your body, but what about your kitchen? As Dr. Mark Hyman says, “Detoxifying your kitchen allows you to escape these shackles and transform your kitchen to a place of wellness. A healthy kitchen provides the foundation for a healthy you.”

More than likely, you have plenty of things in your kitchen that are harmful, and you didn’t even know it. Here are a few steps you can take today to detox your kitchen and make it a safe place for you and your family.

  1. Set aside an hour to purge your kitchen. That’s right! Schedule it in your calendar! Don’t make excuses. Make the time, and follow through. Read food labels. Read the labels of your cleaning supplies too. Have a big garbage bag ready so there are no excuses.
  2. Read the labels CAREFULLY. If you don’t recognized the ingredients, ditch the items! You might need to do a little detective work to discover what doesn’t belong in a healthy kitchen, but you can do it!
  3. Eliminate the toxic items. Throw out all the stuff–food, cleansers, etc.–that has the “bad stuff” in them. It’s not worth it to keep these toxic things in your kitchen! Your future health and that of your family is at stake.
  4. Stock up on the good stuff. Now is the time to replace the “junk” with the high quality, non-toxic replacements. Again, research on your part may need to happen, but it is so worth it.

For more information about this, check out Mark Hyman’s article here.

For another bonus, check out a video he did a while back about having a “conscious kitchen.”

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And by the way, tickets are now on sale for my concert in New Jersey on December 11th. Check them out here

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