It is estimated that 45 million American go on a diet every year, and as a whole, Americans spend about $33 billion dollars on weight loss products EVERY YEAR (81 Weight Loss Statistics & Health Benefits in 2022). More than ever, society seems obsessed with weight loss. But are we using the right terminology? Is it serving our purposes?

Try it out…

“I need to lose all this weight.”


I’m ready to release this extra weight.” 

How about…

“I’ve been overweight for far too long, and it’s time to lose it.”


“I’ve been holding onto extra weight for far too long, and it’s time to release it.”


Which one feels better? Releasing weight, right? After all, if you say you’re going to lose weight…what do we want to do when we “lose” something. We want to go find it again, right? What do you do if you lose your car keys or a hundred dollars? You go looking for it until you find it!! But if you “release” something, you don’t go hunting for it again. Release a wild animal into a forest, and you don’t go looking for it again. You won’t find it!!

This brings me to the five mistakes people

are making about dieting or weight loss. 


  1. They use sloppy language, just like what I was saying about “Weight Loss” instead of “Weight Release.” Changing your language will change your life; in this case, you will be training yourself not to look for the weight you “lost.” Release that weight, so it’s gone FOREVER. 

  2. Folks have no why for why they want to release this extra weight. We need to think in terms of  “Why,” Not “How.” You will find a way if you have a strong WHY.

  3. How good are you willing to have it? Many people reach their goals and then sabotage themselves. This means that when they get to their goal or even close to it, they will slip back into old habits and start “finding” that weight again. They don’t believe they deserve to have a healthy life with a slim, fit body, so they go back to old habits. This is often caused by an Upper Limit Problem.

  4. Intensity vs. Consistency. Crash dieting never works! Be consistent in your journey, and don’t follow shortcuts to “lose weight.” 

  5. People look for fast easy pills and follow fads rather than creating a balanced sustainable lifestyle. This a recipe for disaster.

Which one of these mistakes have you made?

I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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