“Gold and silver blind the eye.

Temporary riches lie.

Come and eat from heaven’s store.

Come and drink and thirst no more.”



Sunday Gospel Concert on Facebook today at 2:30 Pacific time. Hope to see y’all there!

Gospel Hour With Paul 2:30 PM PDT


Sunday Storytime With Paul

I ran away more than once as a teen, but there was one time that I really remember. I think it was just because I didn’t get my way. It really hurt my mom. I wasn’t thinking… I was just feeling, I guess I was missing my dad as he was gone a lot.

I ran down to the forest by the creek and walked all the way to the highway. Somehow I made my way into town, which was very far. And I stayed at my friend’s house for a few weeks. My mom didn’t know where I was for quite a while.

Looking back, this was outrageously thoughtless and mean. I had a tough teenage journey. I was living outside a small town, a farm kid surrounded by city kids. My parents didn’t necessarily have the communication tools to reach me. My dad was gone a lot, and my mom was very busy. They loved me so much, but I was lost a lot.

What really turned it around with my volleyball coach–may he rest in peace–had me sit down with my parents and tell them I had a stealing problem. I resisted for months. When I finally sat down and told them, they supported me 100%, and I stopped stealing that day. And my relationship with my parents began to heal.

Larry Ethier, my coach, really believed in me and saw me for the greatness that lived deep inside of me, and he was able to bring that out. Sometimes it only takes one.

 My coach, Larry

Who can you be that “one” for?

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I want to thank all of my wonderful fans! My song, “A Place In My Heart” made it into the top 10 of the Canadian Indie Country Countdown! The final position is #6! I am so grateful to all of you for voting and being so supportive. I am honored. And special thanks to Paula Watters for setting all the pieces in motion.

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