Hello and welcome to another wonderful Friday night. Tonight’s concert will be at 7:30 PM PDT on YouTube.

Join YouTube Live Concert 7:30 PM PDT

This is because of a special event our coaches and dear friends are doing. Check out the details below:

This evening Our Biz coaches (and dear friends) Jennifer Russel and Bryan Franklin are doing something very special.
Facebook Live Q&A: What Is A Relationship Vision?
Come and discover what a relationship vision is, and how having one will transform your relationship.
They’ll be hosting this live event in their Facebook community this Friday at 4:30 PST.
This is how to do it
Joining the community is easy
Step 1: Click this link and join your new community!
Step 2: Answer the application questions(this helps us help you!)
Step 3: After you’re a member, Bryan and Jennifer will personally invite you to the live event.
Be ready with questions about love, because they will be answering your questions!

Let them know I sent you…


Did you see my recent post about rebuilding my knees?

“Update on my knees over toes training. 3x a week you walk backwards for 10 min then do a sequence guided by coach @kneesovertoesguy “

If you have pain like I do, get curious. Don’t take no for an answer. Just keep searching to find something that will work.

Don’t forget you can still join our Paul Greene supporters/VIP Hub on Facebook and the Private Greene Room on YouTube. Something new is on its way next week!! So watch this space!

Am I gonna see you in Nashville?

See you July 30-August 1st (my concert is the 31st!!)



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