When you wake up in the morning, do you reach for your phone first? Maybe the news? To see how many people liked a picture or something? Check your emails or your texts? And then you just start responding all day long. You’re responding. When was the last time you created your day for you, it is your life after all.

Are you on autopilot? Or do you create your day? Originally posted on TikTok.

There really is no such thing as a good habit and a bad habit. All habits are “bad.” Because the term “habit” means you’re unconscious. You’re doing everything by prescription. This is called slavery. The fundamental difference between being alive and being dead is being conscious and being totally unconscious. If you’re unconscious, it’s a crime against yourself. Unconsciousness is not an existence of itself. It is just the absence of consciousness. The essence of life is being conscious.

Speaking of SadhGuru, check out this video he did about this very idea of being conscious and unconscious.

Sadhguru talks about awareness and unawareness. Originally posted on TikTok.

What is in your awareness is conscious; what is not in your awareness is unconscious. Right now, you’re awake. So you are aware of the light the air and this and that around you and the people around you. Suppose you fall asleep. Suddenly, you become unaware of all these things, isn’t it? Right now, you are aware who is sitting next to you for some moment. Now I’m talking to you, you become unaware who is sitting next to you isn’t. So what you are aware of what you’re unaware of is wearing the sphere and the area of your awareness is wearing a different times isn’t. You’re not always aware to the same extent. Whether it’s about the outside or inside, you are not always aware to the same extent. When we talk awareness, we are not talking about becoming more and more aware, aware about the outside. That is only for survival to the extent it is necessary for survival. We must be aware of outside.

Brushing your teeth, making breakfast, juicing, making your coffee, driving your car, meditation, your kids, wife, hubby, when you wash your face. Anything that is a habit or something that you do unconsciously will miss the benefits you are truly after.

So as a practice this week–if you aren’t already–sit down and listen. Breathe and train the mind to focus by focusing on your breath. This has the power to have everything work. If you start your day with being present, then the rest of your day, you will be present and your mind will be focused.


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