“When you’re in Love you can talk about the weather
Though you haven’t been outside in days
Even making the bed is fun together
When I’m with you I remember how to play”

Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight at 6 PM PDT over on my YouTube Channel! Bring a friend & maybe request a song or two!!

YouTube Friday Night LIve 6 PM PDT

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By the way, last week was EPIC! We had a huge turnout and raised $4750 for PR Ministries. My big bro, Stephen, painted not one but two paintings! Jeanette Lemmon won the one on Friday night and Pamela Pirkle won the one on Sunday.

If you missed either of them…

YouTube June 18, 2021

Instagram June 18, 2021

Facebook June 20, 2021

Instagram June 20, 2021





Let’s discuss some Health Benefits From Rebounding…

  1. Removes Lactic Acid
  2. Increases Oxygen Flow
  3. Increases Blood Flow
  4. Boosts Circulation
  5. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

And that’s just the first 5 of long list!! (Check out the full list of benefits here.)

And if you’re still not convinced, check out this list of 51 reasons to bounce!

My favorite rebounder is here. But you don’t have to get it there. Check Ebay, Craigslist, etc. 


Why do I recommend rebounding?

Just a few reasons you will love it.

1. You smile a lot

2. time-saver- you can get a great workout in 10-15 mins

3. boosts immunity fast

4. moves lymphatic fluid

5. it’s Fun

6. builds healthy bones

7. keeps you young

8. You can do it every day- watching a movie, listening to a book.

Just for fun, here’s a video I did a few years back that will show you just how much fun rebounding can be!!

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The foundation of good health is a healthy gut biome.

I am so impressed with Zach and his mission that I reached out to him and asked to be an affiliate and share this product with all of you and my whole network. This means I earn a small commission on purchases through the following link:

Fix your leaky gut!



Paul Greene


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