I like my smile. There are areas that are crowding as I age. I am reversing that and getting good night guards.

Hi. So here’s the deal. I like my teeth. I think they’re good. And when I look really close, I got crowding happening there and crowding here, and I didn’t realize this until I did. And I’m working with Byteo get you a discount on the impressions. And I didn’t want to deal with the Invisalign ’cause I think with Invisalign, you’ve go these hooks and then a bit of a pain in the tushy.

So I liked Byte. I have a discount code for you in my bio. They’ll send you impressions. You can check it out. I think the company is great. It was very simple. Well, the whole process and I’ve code that you can use, uh, for you.

I’m just starting. And so follow my journey. All this crowding as you get older and things just crowd apparently. So I’m going to uncrowd these bottoms and straighten this up, Join me on the journey.

Originally posted by Paul Greene on TikTok

Check out Byte for yourself!

(If you click the link, you will get a discount, and because it is an affiliate link, I may receive a commission for purchases you make using the link.)

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