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Hi, how’s it going? My name is Paul Greene. And I just finished doing some journaling and also creating day seven of this detox that I’m doing. And I figured, hey, why don’t I just quickly pop on to YouTube and share just a bit of a recap of my day. And some things, some big takeaway, something I learned today.

And the number one thing I learned today was…you don’t have to go looking for stress; stress will find you. But relaxation and calmness is something you have to go looking for. Meaning you stress and we live in a world that’s just amped with stress and anxiety and pressure. So to create ways today’s lesson actually in this this book that I’m reading is nurturing day seven of this detox and doing is all about nurturing and it’s really beautiful. This chapter that I was reading…stress finds you; you don’t have to go looking; you do have to go looking for relaxation.

If you’re just joining me, let me know Hi, where you’re coming in from. I’m just doing like a nighttime, quick little tuck-in. I did a concert earlier, but I just finished writing in my journal. And I want to just to, to share my day.

So today was Friday. And it was a pretty busy day. Kate and I are designing a course and and some marketing and some things like that. And I had hi Veronica I also today did some vocal lessons, had some troubles earlier, had some great phone calls with some friends, did incredible workout early, and then made this detox smoothie this morning. And then also with us today do then I did Pilates at noon and had some more business calls. It was a pretty busy day. And then I had a vocal lesson at 1:30. And actually had a nap. Like I put on some light brought blockers and put on this really incredible meditation from Amy Budden and slept for an hour before my concert and then I went live.

So hi, Charlene. Hi, Jennifer, you’re in Oklahoma. Great. Hi, Jennifer. Veronica, where are you at?

But I was just…If I want if you’re watching this, I want you to take five breaths with me. Ready? We’re going to inhale for five seconds and then exhale for five seconds. Just inhale for five and exhale for five. And we’ll do five rounds. Ready close your eyes.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Now in the this detox book I’m reading {The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body’s Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast by Dr. Mark Hyman}, It says to do that before every meal, and then to be actually present with your food rather than in a rush. We’re always in such a rush, trying to get to the next thing.

Fun fact, did you know that 121 billion people have lived on planet earth–over the time of human beings on earth? That’s the estimate by 2050. That will be roughly 121 billion people. That’s a lot of babies.

I was talking to Kate. Obviously, we’re having a baby. And it’s like getting ready for it. And I’m like “It’s only been done 121 billion times.” So it’s something that’s quite natural, but we throw so much fear at it and throw so much panic at the child birthing experience and scare the living daylights and then just give a bunch of drugs to to make sure nobody feels anything. Hey, I’m all for that if that’s what you’re into. But it’s an interesting way to look at life. just to never know…

Kate, not really Lily, she’s we’re talking about it, though. But we’re like, yeah, this has been done before. And then I got curious and like, how many times has there been a baby born? And the answer to that is 121 billion. That’s crazy. It’s a lot of billions.

But that’s it. I just wanted to pop on and share this little bit of relaxation and just how important it is to create structure in your day where you’re taking time to nurture yourself.

That’s awesome, Charlene. Taking time to take care of yourself and loving yourself and being gentle with yourself and being…I forgot to say that on my concert tonight to be loving, caring, tender, gentle with yourself and to yourself in your thoughts on purpose.

You too, Lily That’s awesome. Amazing.

All right. Well, I’m sending you lots of love and have a beautiful sleep. And we will hopefully see you shortly.

Good night, Stephanie. Good night, everybody. Bye. Thanks for being here.

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Blessings to you back.

Goodnight, Jennifer. Yeah, love to you all. See ya. Oh, three likes four likes. Thank you. Yes, smash hit the like button. Thanks, ladies. Bye for now.



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