That’s right! Stephen & I are teaming up again! 

Friday night, we raised $4750 for PR Ministries, and there was a bidding war between Jeanette Lemmon & Pamela Pirkle. Jeanette won first place, but Pamela came in second, and Sunday, June 20th, we are having a special Facebook Live gospel concert & painting at 10 AM PDT where Stephen will paint Pamela’s painting while I sing a few gospel songs!

Sunday Gospel Music & Painting 10 AM PDT

In case you missed my Friday Night concert…

Sunday Storytime With Paul


When my brother and I were growing up, we used to watch Martial Arts movies. We had built in the woods an amazing tree fort and a ninja dojo. My dad even made us metal throwing stars and nunchucks because he was a welder.  We would practice throwing them at the trees.

One time, my dad made us wooden boomerangs and we dressed up in our hockey gear and throw them across the center lawn in the dark at one another.  It was an “I’m not very smart, but incredibly fun” moment.

My dad was like MacGyver; he could build anything and fix anything. It’s been so fun having my brother visit us in the mountains.

Have you voted for my song, “I Remember”? Click this link to vote for it in the Top 100 for the Canadian Country Indie Countdown. One vote per wi-fi/data. You must vote for 6 other songs. Voting closes Sunday, June 20, 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.

Vote For Paul Greene “I Remember”

Today, Stars on Facebook are going to a non-profit that is doing incredible work–Farmer’s Footprint. I know I’ve been talking about this charity all month long along with the work of Zach Bush, but I thought I’d give you some more information about the amazing work this group is doing.


In the Old Testament part of the Bible, “the Year of Jubilee” was a very special time in the land of Israel when farmers were instructed to take a break from farming and let the land rest. It happened every 50 years, and this ensured that the land would have the necessary nutrients to make farming sustainable.

Farmer’s Footprint is committed to something called “regenerative farming” where farmers make a commitment to give their land that much-needed rest (like the Year of Jubilee) while using no harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. In so doing, this will ensure that we do not enter into another “Dust Bowl” experience like we did back in the 1930s. 

Farmer’s Footprint helps farmers make this transition because financially, this can cause hardship amongst this vital group of people. After reading about Zach Bush and the commitment of this non-profit, I knew I wanted to join in their mission.

If you’d like to join me in supporting this organization that is following the principle of sustainable farming and the Year of Jubilee, please donate during my Sunday Facebook Gospel concerts during this month of June through star donations and/or click the button below to donate directly.


(By the way, if you do donate directly, please let me or my assistant, Ruth Hill, know so we can add that to the monthly total we raised!)





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