I was born with music in my bones.. born into a musical family. My mom playing organ and piano, and my Dad the guitar.  We grew up in church so hearing music all my life helped me understand that language and music is definitely a language.
I was also the church drummer for several years. Drumming has really helped my with the rhythm needed to play acoustic guitar.
In my 20’s I wrote a lot of music and recorded several demos.
The big, exciting opportunity that really lit the fire for me happened in 2018, when I was asked to play Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah at Carnegie Hall.
Tim Janis puts on a charity event and had asked me to sing that and Oh Holy Night.. what a night it was!!
As a result of that show, I reconnected to my music and started writing again.
This month I am launching my latest album, freedom for your soul and performing at the hotel cafe. Then June 15th at The Troubadour in Los Angeles and again at Carnegie Hall on December 2nd.

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Carnagie Hall

December 2/2019

The Troubadour Cafe Hotel

June 15/2019

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