“I Woke Up Early This Morning, 

A Cool Wind Across My Bed

The Joy and Peace I’m Used To Feelin’

Was Filled With Misery Instead

I Walk By Faith and Not By Sight, Nor By Feelings

Tho’ You Slay Me, I’ll Trust You

I Walk By Faith and Not By Sight, Nor By Feelings

Tho’ None Go With Me I’m Gonna Follow You.”


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“I want to share something with you that I heard, and I love that we use. So Kate and I have this amazing group of people. And there’s a woman in there named Connie Bucher, a French philosopher. I had shared it back, everyone’s heard about losing weight. And we’ve had a lot of folks lose a lot of weight, and up to 75 pounds. I say the average is 35/40 pounds. But we reminded everyone to not say lost. But say they released 75 pounds from being more kind to themselves, or letting go a story they’ve been making up in their minds about who they are in the past, their identity. So because if you lose your keys, what do you do you go look for it, right? You’re looking around, and then you find your keys. So if you’ve lost weight, probably going to go looking for it. So those little tweaky tweaky Smurfs, language release, you know, Neva has released 75 pounds, Connie Bucher was dealing with something that she had lost her husband. And this is where the philosophy magic comes in. Because she had the epiphany that she’s like, instead of sharing with people that she lost her husband. Because then she’s constantly in that feeling of looking for him. That she changed her language around it. So yeah, instead of saying I lost weight or I lost my husband. Because you’re always be looking for those things that you’ve lost. And you’ll always be in a sense of panic and dread and sadness, or worry, I have released weight, I have been set free from suffering of losing my husband, there’s different looking for a really creative way. And then you’re not a victim, as well. You have a sense of power and freedom and self-expression. So I challenge you to watch the little itty bitty words that you say and don’t say because they really matter. Okay, good talk.”

This is exciting, paying attention to all the words that you speak. Have you ever lost something? You go looking for it so you find it usually. Have you ever lost weight? Did you go looking for it? Try on a new word… like released. Every word has a frequency and vibration and makes a massive impact. #wordporn #weightloss #paulgreene @kate.austin.alchemist @freedomalchemist #conniebucher #power #freedom

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