Have you heard about my song “I Remember”?

It’s on Canadian Country Indie Chart, and it jumped up 13 spots this past week thanks to votes from you fans. There is another chance to vote this week, but let me share a story with you.


I remember from the smallest age my dad would work away for welding and I would stand up on my bed staring into the snow and the trees just listening for the sound of the mufflers on his truck and as soon as I heard it I’d get too excited because that meant he was coming home. My dad traveled a lot and it was quite tough on us when he was gone. But I would listen for the mufflers on his welding truck and run to the garage and stare and wait for the garage door to open. And then give them a big hug and he always smell like welding rods, cigarettes and coffee. And a little bit of old spice.

I would so appreciate it if you would vote for “I Remember.” 

Vote and share … closes tomorrow 5 pm PDT. 
Thank you in advance!!
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