"The Grass Is Greener"

With Paul Greene

I will be bringing you all kinds of goodies for Inspiration, to nudge you past your comfort zone, to share new ways of thinking and some really powerful tools to have your life be something that you really enjoy.

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What People Are Saying


Customer Reviews


“I have enjoyed all your podcasts, they are real conversations and very interesting…You have a way of making them relaxed and open and the interviews show that. You are doing amazing interviews.”


“These podcasts have been opening my mind to many things. Love his guests! Paul is always keeping it real!”

Monique in Ottawa, ON

“Paul your podcast is fantastic…You have given me lots of positives things to think about and have helped me get through some rough days. Thank you again fo being true.”


“I’ve often been told to check out various podcasts especially while I’m running, but I’ve always said they are not my thing. Until now. I follow Paul on Facebook and Instagram and decided to check his podcast out earlier this week. I have since listened to all of them. I love his style. I love the people he’s interviewed. I’m hooked! Keep them coming Paul!”

Mom Went Running

“As a longtime fan of Paul’s but not too familiar with podcasts, I was so excited for The Grass is Greener to launch. I love hearing Paul talk about his life experiences with friends, costars, colleagues, and other guests…Paul is such a talented, social, giving, and fun person who really shines bright here.”

Kellie Ann

“Paul is such a wonderful interviewer and makes everyone at ease. Instead of an interview, it seemed more like two friends catching up.”


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