“The Grass is Greener”

with Paul Greene

I will be bringing you all kinds of goodies for Inspiration, to nudge you past your comfort zone, to share new ways of thinking and some really powerful tools to have your life be something that you really enjoy.

THAT VOICE IN YOUR HEAD - A few thoughts after the show

Season 2 - Episode 14

The Cast spills the beans about "Fit For Christmas"

Season 2 - Episode 15

Fun Episode


and his wild stories

Paul Campbell made a joke on Twitter a few years back that he needs another Paul for his Podcast, so he scrolled his phone and found me. We only did 2 together but I wanted to get him on here and dig into his hilarious process.

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Paul Campbell and his wild stories

Season 2 - Episode 13


Colonics, blood types and more…


Come with me to get a colonic… Live in real time.

We talk shit, leaky gut, blood types and so much more. I decided to record my colonic session with India. This was the result. Thanks for stopping by, good luck and enjoy.

I am back at India’s to get a colonic and just like the last one I wanted to record it just for you. We go over circulation, capillaries, education, pharma, the impact of Big Oil on healthcare, blood types, food combining,her book, late-night eating and so much more.

Featured Episode


How do you live with a broken heart?... with PAUL CARDALL

Season 1 - Episode 7

PAUL CARDALL is a pianist, composer, producer who has over 3+ billion streams, out of his 23 albums.He also released a memoir (in fictional novel form) “The Broken Miracle”.Paul and I sit down and have a excellent conversation about his life, his passion, his incredible gift it’s one heck of a story. I was really touched by Paul and his journey.Enjoy and make sure you go check out his music.


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Customer reviews

“Thanks this was really intresting! Paul you seem to know how to steer the converstaion well and actually let your intervewees talk… 🙂 and Kriss-reallly has the gift ot telling a tale- and he has plenty of them 🙂 loved how he tied in the mystety 101 kiss to his story.”


“Such an awesome time you and Kris had … just chatting and sharing your hearts with each other. Paul, you are such a great interviewer! It flows like it’s just friends hanging out, but you also keep the discussion on track.”


“I love these deep dive interviews! As a devoted Hallmark fan, I know a lot about many of the actors and actresses. But Paul’s laid back interviews have helped me learn about them on a much deeper level.”

Profesora H

“Paul Greene….you have the magic to be the greatest talk sow host …ever…”

Jane Martin

“What a fantastic interview. I’m even more of a fan of you both now. Don’t kid us – expecting part 2 of the interview next year!!”

“Wonderful podcast! Love this! Awesome discussion of life lessons, family and faith. Paul’s greatest on Grass is Greener!”

“This podcast is enlightening, inspirational, uplifting, and fun. Paul brings so much intentionality, kindness, and humor to each interview and I love hearing his guests’ perspectives as well.”


“This podcast interview held my interest and it represented some things that many people experience and go through in life. Paul is always patient, kind and a great listener when having guests on his podcast interview. Kris and Paul communicate so well and are a joy to listen to. Loved this podcast interview!!”           PGreenGreenheart


“Paul, you are a great interviewer and Kris was a terrific guest! It was so interesting!! When I saw it was over an hour and a half, I thought I would maybe watch 10 minutes of it; but it kept my attention the whole time. Great show!”
I love home free (user)

“Thank you what a great interview! So loved hearing about your faith, hallmark movies and taking a trip down memory lane” ❤️

hallmark fan ❤️

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