Well, you may or may not have heard of the “knees-over-toes-guy.” Good morning to you. He’s got a pretty exciting Instagram and YouTube channel, and he debunks a theory that your knees should never go over your toes. My buddy, Nick, told me about him, and I’m on my first week of the Zero Training, which is no weights, just bodyweight.

And the promise is…I got my BYTE smiles in too. I’m aligning the jawbone, and I got one pushing in…it aligns your knees and your whole body. So you can reverse aging, which is something I’m always interested in. Anyway, I’m going to share my progress with you, but check him out. Pretty exciting. Okay. Good talk.

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“I’m just out for my 10-minute walk backwards to do three times a week I am starting to rebuild my knees. Check this guy out… some of it’s controversial, but the results are staggering. Thanks to my buddy Nick for introducing me to him. If you have knee pain and want to feel like a kid again check him out. I’m not affiliated with them yet, but I just wanted to share are with you. I am committed to paying for a living and freedom in all areas. I think this guy on to something.” @kneesovertoesguy 


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