Okay. So what if, what if there’s nothing wrong with you at all? Like…my cat’s going nuts over there. What if truthfully you are just whole, perfect, complete? What difference would that make? Somewhere along the line, something happened that we think there’s something wrong with us. Maybe it’s a parent or partner or media or something.

Until we all operate from this place and the need to fix or change or open or survive or something…would you be willing to just for 30 days to put a note in your phone that says, “There’s nothing wrong with me.”? And to operate from a place of wholeness rather than brokenness? What a perception we would have in a love for ourselves and of others.

You are not broken. You don’t need to be fixed.


Originally posted on TikTok and Instagram:

“There is nothing wrong with You. You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. You are whole. Let me know below your thoughts. Oh and if you like music come see me in Nashville. Let me know if you are coming and tell me someone who must come with ya. Can’t wait to meet you.

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