Here are 43 things I’ve learned in my time cruising around the sun.

1. Always have fun.
2. Life is better shared.
3. Listen to discover, not to respond.
4. Laugh at my mistakes.
5. Write my goals down.
6. Drink loads of water.
7. Foundation training (back strengthening)
8. How important meditation is.
9. Open my heart when it feels like closing.
10. Be kind,gentle & loving towards myself in my thoughts on purpose.
11. God is love.
12. Cryo therapy is amazing.
13. Rebounding is essential.
14. Moving my body every day is a must. (H.i.i.t.)
15. Being with a partner who is a huge contributor and has my back is just the best.
16. Essentialism = the disciplined pursuit of less.
17. My oldest friends and *Katie have the deepest insight into me.
18. I’m never gunna “feel” like it, so just do “it” because I said I would.
19. Saying “thank you” over and over again 20 + times before getting out of bed makes me smile.
20. My son inspires me to be present.
21. I’m deeply loved & seen.
22. It’s not about me.
23. Forgiveness sets me free.
24. “This Life is not forever.” #RIP Robbie,Grandma,Larry
25. Change is the only constant.
26. Parenting with love always wins over fear.
27. I am enough.
28. I’m starting to like a little wine with cheese.
29. I have great instincts
30. Coach kids in volleyball again.
31. Hire a biz coach.
32. Trust in love ❤️
33. Always stay playful.
34. Have a morning routine.
35. My brother and I have way more in common than I previously thought.
36. Family is everything.
37. Say “thank you for your patience” instead of “I’m sorry I’m late.”
38. Be on time.
39. Be my word.
40. Learning What love is❤ (Kate Austin) i can thrive without needing approval or acceptance.
42. “Don’t forget to be awesome.”
43.”We, not me.”

As you look over your list, what is your favorite? Or do you have things you’ve learned in this life that you’d like to share?

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