With the world and chaos and the news always grabbing for your attention…

Usually looking to scare the living daylights out of you and leave you with a feeling that you need something, often a pharmaceutical drug that’s sold during the commercial break.

Always dividing, always comparing and leaving you feeling alone & empty.

I wanted to offer you a simple formula to enjoy the experience of being you.

1. Focus on and be grateful for what you have.
2. Move your body in a way you enjoy every day.
3. Surround yourself with generous, positive people who are aligned with your vision.
4. Create a vision or mission statement of who you are and what you’re committed to.
5. Find a practice that allows you to be in the present moment for minimum 5 to 10 minutes a day, Meditation, breathwork, prayer, walking meditation… Yoga, anything that brings awareness to your breath and your body, and your mind.

If you don’t take Time for YOU… then you are not living your life. You will always be in reaction, never in creation.

This is a nice beautiful simple place to start.

Be kind to yourself and others and enjoy yourself.


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