This Father’s Day is extra special because I’m a dad again. And even though we planned it, it still feels like a big surprise.

Being a father has always felt natural to me, I was born to do it. My first son, Oliver, is 18 years old and touring Europe, and my second son is just six months old and touring our living room floor on his belly. Father’s Day means a lot more to you when you’re a Dad. Father’s Day hits you a lot harder once you’ve lost your dad.

My dad was amazing, he was kind, he was gentle, he was loving and he passed 9 years ago from ALS. I know in reality not everybody has a great father. And Father’s Day stings in a different way for them. I’m always gutted that one in four Americans grow up without a dad at home.

There is a massive need for good present fathers in this country and around the world. There are many ways for us men to be surrogates or stand-in fathers along the way, stepping in, helping out single moms, and being our “brother’s keeper” in whatever ways we can.

So happy Father’s Day, Dads. May our father’s hearts continue to grow & continue to open especially when they feel like closing.



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