Today is a little EXTRA special.

Not only is my bro, Stephen, coming in for a visit, but he is going to be painting “live” tonight during the show at 6 PM PDT.

We are going to auction off my brother’s painting, and all the proceeds will go to PR Ministries!

Join the Greene Bros. 6 PM PDT

Stephen & I look forward to seeing you this evening! Remember, only Private Greene Room members are eligible to bid on the painting.

Not a Private Greene Room member? Join here so that you will be ready for this epic auction with the Greene Bros!


This is a very simple workout that you can do every day. It only takes seven minutes, and it really gets you going to start your day. The science behind high-intensity interval training is just brilliant for fat loss, for VO2-Max (Velocity and oxygenation), for time efficiency, and for overall results. You get a full-body workout, and consistently doing this every day, you will radically transform your body. Consistency beats intensity. The “one percent rule.”

What you will need;

  • Yoga mat or any kind of mat
  • A sturdy chair
  • Water
  • A great attitude

I wanted to make sure to provide a second option, one that is less intense, suitable for most ages. The seven-minute workout is something you should never be able to make an excuse to miss. In this video, he takes his time getting you into it, but there’s some good info here.

Gut Health with Dr. Zach Bush and ION

The foundation of good health is a healthy gut biome.

I am so impressed with Zach and his mission that I reached out to him and asked to be an affiliate and share this product with all of you and my whole network. This means I earn a small commission on purchases through the following link.

Fix your leaky gut!

There is a new Hallmark ranker out there. Check it out! 🙂  Let me know If you voted!!  Vote for your favorite. You can vote up and down. Who ya gunna vote for?

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Bryan this past week?


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See y’all tonight!!


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