It’s been a very busy time with all the events coming up and today we FINALLY return to Sunday Gospel Hour with ME at 2:30 PM PDT on Facebook. Hope to see y’all there. Please let me know in the comments some song requests for today.

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Sunday Storytime With Paul

(An exclusive excerpt from my upcoming book, 52 Ways to Be the Dad You Wish You Had)

“When we lived in New York, one of our good friends that we went to church with had seven children. He owned a bank, and he was a very busy, very wealthy guy. He had these kids and they were all different ages, from two up to 13, I think, when we met them. His name was Steve, and he actually passed this year. He was a pilot, and just a dear friend of mine in New York.

When I met all these kids, I didn’t have a child yet. I said to him that every one of their kids looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and were really polite. When we were in a car right after church, one of the young kids in the back–his name was Oliver who I actually named my son after–he said, “Dad, can we go?” He kept interrupting his dad, who was talking to me.

When we stopped, Steve looked in the rearview and he’s like, “Oliver, I hear your request that you want to go for ice cream. I’m talking to Paul right now. And when we stop, and after we have a bite to eat, we’ll figure it out, okay buddy?” He took the time, and said, “I hear your request for ice cream.” H wasn’t just like, “Oliver, I’m talking!” He was so calm.

All the kids were so amazing, and they slept through the night. A friend of mine was their nanny and I was over there helping him nanny for like an afternoon and I was like, “What is up with these kids? Why are they so well-behaved? Steve handed me a book and the book was on Becoming Babywise. It teaches you to prioritize the relationship between the husband and wife and to see the family as a team.”

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