So I got a really cool trick to share with you: consistency versus intensity. So how many of you have crammed for a exam in college or high school? And how much did you read? Right. Cram, cram, cram, and nothing there. If you had consistently for 15 minutes a day, or whatever, 30 minutes a day worked on it bit by bit, you’re able to really have that knowledge go in and it works with absolutely anything.

15 minutes a day is 1% of your day. And over a year, the way that that compounds is exponential percentage of you being that much better at whatever it is you’re doing. So if you want to learn guitar, if you want to sing, if you want to. pick up crocheting just 15 minutes a day will get you there.

Consistency versus intensity wins every single time. It’s a true story.

The 1% Rule. Consistency VS intensity. Doing something everyday even for 15 mins a day will have you progress like a master. #foryoupage #paulgreene


Originally posted on TikTok

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