There was a Chinese farmer who had a horse and that horse ran away.

And the whole village came to the Chinese farmer and said, “Oh, too bad, so much misfortune.”

And he said, “Maybe. We’ll see.”

The next morning, that horse brought back a team of wild horses.

And the whole town came out and said, “What good fortune is following you!”

And he’s like, “Maybe.”

The next day, the farmer’s son is breaking one of the horses and he gets bucked off and breaks his leg.

And the whole village comes to him and says, “You poor guy. Misfortune.”

And he’s like, “Maybe.”

The next day, the army comes to recruit soldiers. And the farmer’s son can’t be taken away because his leg’s broken.

And the whole town comes and says, “What good fortune to you, my friend.”

And he said, “Maybe.”

So you never know. The worst thing that ever happened to you could turn out to be the very best thing.

That is the story of the Chinese farmer.

Originally posted on TikTok by Paul Greene

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