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I am so impressed with Zach and his mission that I reached out to him and asked to become an affiliate and share this product with my whole network.

Here is a link to my page at Ion*(Use PG15 to save 15%), a Gut builder that I just love and have had great results fast. Ion is the only product that I am aware of that universally heals and seals the gut lining damage usually caused by Glyphosate (found in Round-Up).

I have been looking for an affordable way to solve this very complex issue of gut health. Everyone is different, so it can be tricky.
I feel this IS for everyone; it’s a simple mineral supplement that aids in digestion, boosts metabolism, closes the door to toxins like Glyphosate, and opens the door for nutrients that enhance mental clarity. It also aids gluten tolerance by protecting your gut environment and fortifying your immune system. One bottle is a 2-month supply.

Let’s heal up your gut lining!

Be sure to check out their subscription/member offers as well. You can save 15%.

Did you catch the latest Greene Bros Cafe on Friday night?

Be sure to watch it here and enter to win the beautiful painting Stephen created! It’s only $5 per entry, and the money goes directly to Stephen to help cover shipping and supplies costs.

ENTER TO WIN!!  (Please note, shipping costs are covered ONLY for winners in the U.S.)

I have a new episode of The Grass is Greener With Paul Greene. Have you listened yet?

Speaking of Fit For Christmas, have you seen the trailer yet?

Will you be tuning in on December 4? For more information about where and when to watch, click here.

What are you doing next weekend?

Saturday, November 26th on Great American Family, I’m Glad It’s Christmas premieres! This the movie I did with Gladys Knight & Jessica Lowndes. Check out the trailer!

For more information and where/when to watch, click here.

Did you catch my most recent TikTok concert this past Thursday?

If you missed it (or if you don’t have TikTok), watch the replay below! Be sure to follow me on TikTok for all impromptu lives!

Will I see you at Christmas Con in New Jersey?

I will be appearing on December 9, 10 & 11, and there will be a special Christmas concert.
Need a little more convincing?
Check out my last Christmas Con concert from Pasadena!

So much going on at Christmas is Not Cancelled!

Jen Lilley & her elves are at it again! Head over now for special giveaways, Christmas University events (watch for mine coming up on December 1st) & more, all benefiting children’s charities.


Are you cruising with us in January?

You are invited for a once-in-a-lifetime cruise with Andrew Walker & me! Join us January 9-13.

All details are here. 

Paul Greene, In the News…

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Greene Teases ‘Nostalgia, romance and adventure’ on GAC ‘s I’m Glad It’s Christmas! – INTERVIEW

Great American Family to unleash 18 new Christmas movies — see the schedule



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