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November 26, 2022.


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Today is a VERY SPECIAL day! This is the day when our very special movie premieres on Great American Family! Here are all the details:

I’m Glad It’s Christmas
Premiering Saturday, November 26 at 8p ET / 5p PT

An aspiring singer is convinced to participate in a local production. Along the way, she finds hope and mentorship in her career. But will her professional success come at the cost of her chance at love?

Starring Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene and Gladys Knight

Click HERE to Find Your Channel or Text CHRISTMAS to 877-999-1225

On December 1, I’m Glad It’s Christmas will also stream on Hulu.

I have a new episode of The Grass is Greener With Paul Greene featuring my co-star, Jessica Lowndes. Have you listened yet?

Or if you prefer, you can watch it here:

Earlier this morning, Jessica and Teagan (also from the cast) appeared on an extra-special Instagram Live. Was your question answered?

Catch a sneak peek of one of the songs sung by Gladys Knight, Jessica Lowndes & me from our movie!

BONUS: Jessica has released two songs featured in our film, and you can stream them on Spotify here!

Have you listened to this recent episode of The Grass is Greener With Paul Greene?

Or you can watch the episode here:

Will you be tuning in on December 4? For more information about where and when to watch, click here.

BONUS: Check out the live I did on the way to Film “The Talk” which will air on Friday, December 2nd on CBS!

Will I see you at Christmas Con in New Jersey?

I will be appearing on December 9, 10 & 11, and there will be a special Christmas concert with Jessica Lowndes!!
Need a little more convincing?
Check out my last Christmas Con concert from Pasadena!

So much going on at Christmas is Not Cancelled!

Jen Lilley & her elves are at it again! Head over now for special giveaways, Christmas University events (watch for mine coming up on December 1st) & more, all benefiting children’s charities.

Do you follow me on SoundCloud? 

Did you catch the latest Greene Bros Cafe?

Be sure to watch it here and enter to win the beautiful painting Stephen created! It’s only $5 per entry, and the money goes directly to Stephen to help cover shipping and supplies costs.

ENTER TO WIN!!  (Please note, shipping costs are covered ONLY for winners in the U.S.)

Are you cruising with us in January?


You are invited for a once-in-a-lifetime cruise with Andrew Walker & me! Join us January 9-13.

All details are here. 

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